Teaching Feedback

Here is a sample of positive feedback I have received over the years for my teaching. There are some more private correspondences besides, but these are the ones I have permission to share / are already public.

Some reviews on Tutorful. I’ve had a few more since!
Some informal feedback when teaching research methods…
I didn’t scribble that out! πŸ™‚
To the point, but I’m grateful!
This is a good summary of how I aim to conduct my classes. Glad it’s going as planned!
This one is directed at me and at my friend Matt Jewiss – now a lecturer at the University of Hertforshire.
Here is some constructive feedback I have taken on board since. Thank you to this anonymous student for helping me to improve my teaching!
…and I have tried to since! πŸ™‚
That’s the main thing – if students are comfortable asking questions, we can clarify whatever we need to. None of us are robots, we’re people first!
Oh statistics isn’t -that- bad πŸ˜€
Practical performances are always fun; they add a bit of colour to a class.
I miss teaching with Matt!
This is exactly what I was aiming for. I’m very lucky to have had the chance to teach such a great group.
I think they meant the subject, rather than the module!
One of my former students got in touch with some good news. This one was a Veterinary Medicine dissertation; I helped out with the analysis as a tutor.
I created statistics video tutorials and students seemed to find it helpful. Perhaps I could have worded to questionnaire better when soliciting feedback though!
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